UFO Over Temple Mount in Jerusalem – TRUTH!

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There was about 7 (and counting) videos on this “UFO” that was seen over Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Here’s a video containing a few of those videos along with news reports and a real explanation. Transcript below.

Jerusalem – January 23,2011 approximately 0100 hours

Location: Temple Mount / Mount Zion / Mount Moriah

Where Solomon’s Temple once stood 957 BCE – 586 BCE and where the 2nd Temple once stood 516 BCE – 70 CE AD

And where the Dome of the Rock now sits 692 CE – present

Revered by Muslims as the location of Muhammad’s supposed ascent to heaven

The single most contested piece of land on Earth

And Also a very strictly enforced NO FLY ZONE

These video appear to be from different parts of the city, shot by different people of different nationalities, of exactly the same event.

There may be something even more strange that you realize happening here

There is more to this story than is being reported.

Consider the: TiborasaurusRex Hypothesis

U.F.O. over Jerusalem Hoax, Psychologial Operation, or “little green men”???

[#### News Reporter 1:37 – 2:30 ####]

Although this may very well be a well done hoax, there are some interesting dynamics to this that have not yet been covered…

I am generally a U.F.O. skeptic

But I have to admit, this 4th video seems convincing.

[#### News Reporter 2:58 – 3:18 ####]

The location of this sighting is VERY significant

Why this Location?

IF this video is authentic, and something really did appear, what was it?

If it was a video editing hoax. Why?

There is an interesting connection the News seems to have missed

Online News Article Title: “Huge Jordanian Generators Sighted on Temple Mount” by IsraelNationalNews.com

January 25th , 2011

“Huge electricity generators donated by the government of Jordan were brought into the Temple Mount Tuesday. A group led by Likud’s Moshe Feiglin documented the entry of the generators into the Mount.”

“It is not clear to what use the generators will be put. The Wakf has in the past conducted unauthorized digging and construction activity on the Mount..”

According to to an urgent Temple Heritage Fund e-mail message, generators of this size are capable of supplying electricity to tens of thousands of homes.”

- IsraelNationalNews.com

What on Earth would they need generators with that kind of output for on the Temple Mount???

Have you ever heard of: NASA’s Project Blue Beam???



Were the generators being move onto the Temple Mount just days before the U.F.O. sighting a mere coincidence?


Using holograms to create “signs and wonders”.

Holograms have come a looong way since you’ve stopped paying attention!

False Messiah

Panic due to perceived threat of “alien invasion”. The N.W.O. will then crack down on those who don’t submit to the New Religion and world unity

Revelation Chapter 13..

“And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fie come down from heaven on the eart in the sight of men, And deceiveth them that dwell on the eart by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast”

- Revelation 13

#### Commentary ####

The can use anything; tech, military, holograms, UFOs’, etc

Why at 1 in morning? BETA Testing

Enough generator output to power up to 10,000 homes!!!

So if “Jesus”, Muhammad, and buddah all pop out of a freakin’ U.F.O. someday and claim they’re all best buddies, and that you need to turn over all your governmental authority to any one power.

DON’T fall for it!

Remember, the REAL Messiah has warned you this would happen 2,000 years ahead of time!


To see the religious implications to this event, see PART 2 of this video.

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